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Turn 3 colorless liquids into red, white and blue.

Make the colors disappear and reappear.

Do the famous Disappearing Ink tricks. 

Make test papers and learn about the chemistry behind solutions, precipitates, acid-base reactions and pH.

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Concepts and Processes

solutions, reversible chemical reactions, solubilty, precipitate, indicators, pH, neutralization, acids and bases, titration, models, analyze, control of variables

Contains phenolphthalein and thymolphthalein solutions (1 oz), sodium carbonate (1 oz), citric acid (1 oz), calcium chloride (1 oz), pipets, stirrers, beaker, small scoops, cups, funnel, wood rack, MSDS and instructions.

The Class Room Size are packed in a plastic shoe-box and contain 5 times the quantity as the individual size. They include student instructions that may be copied for classroom use.

Recommended for ages 9 and up with adult supervision.

Note: phenolphthalein requires a health warning, but is safe used as directed.

Patriotic Colors Chemistry Experiment Kit

#1776   $13.00 


Patriotic Colors Chemistry Experiment Kit

Class Size   #1776-CS   $60.00