Universe of Science, Inc.       We Make Science Experiment Kits
We Make Blue, Gold and Green Science Kits!
Explore, experiment and learn about chemical reactions, light spectrum,
solar beads and paint, and magnetic forces.
Great for Scouts and 4-H Clubs!

The Neutralizer Kit

Make a blue solution, turn it to green, turn it to gold and then back to blue again. Learn how to neutralize chemical solutions!

Contains 1 ounce bromthymol blue solution, citric acid and sodium carbonate, small scoop, pipet stirrers, MSDS and instructions.



Bromthymol Blue Solution 

This is a safe acid-base indicator that changes from blue to green to yellow.  Great for science magic tricks and experiments.

Contains 5 one ounce dropper bottles of bromthymol blue solution, pH chart and MSDS.





The Spectator

Turn blue and yellow light into green. Use the Rainbow Glasses to discover how it happened. See spectacular spectra and analyze colors and light.

Contains: Blue and yellow plactic filters, 2 Rainbow Glasses® and instructions.



Rainbow Glasses

See and examine light spectra.

Set of 10 holographic diffraction Rainbow Glasses.



Blue, Gold, Green Sun Paint

Detect ultra-violet radiation.

Contains set of 5 blue, 5 gold and 5 green photochromic paint that changes color in sunlight.



Solar Beads

Make exciting and safe UV detector bracelets.

Contains pack of 250 beads that turn blue, gold or green in sunlight.



Blue and Gold Ring Magnets

Make the magnets defy gravity and float on a pencil.

Contains set of 10 blue and 10 gold ring magnets and stand.