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We sell beautiful crystalline glaze flasks!

Crystalline Glaze Flasks
~ Chemistry and Art ~

Zinc oxide and silica in the glaze mixture, melt in the potter's furnace. As the temperature is lowered several hundred degrees, amazing crystals of zinc silicate grow, in molten glass, and then frozen for us to see and feel. Various metal salts added to the glaze produce spectacular colors.

Each Piece is unique and hand made in Seagrove, NC.

Gift boxed with a booklet describing the science of the glaze, clay, ceramics, fractals and alchemy!

       Crystalline Glaze Flask       

# cry 1       $50.00



       Crystalline Glaze Flask       

# cry 2      $50.00

To the left are shown the metal salts and the colors they produce in the crystalline glaze.

We have many more flasks in stock.

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To the right is shown a close up of a crystalline glaze using cobalt carbonate and manganese dioxide.  These elements produce distinctive bluish purple zinc silicate crystals on a grey background of glass other silicate crystals.

These beautiful crystalline glaze flasks show nature's order and structure and the potter's art and science!