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We make the Alginate Worm Connection Kit  -  When Algy Meets Calcium

Make terrific, colorific wormy gels and introduce chemical changes in elementary grades.

Make a calcium chloride solution, squirt in a little sodium alginate solution and pull up beautiful gels. Add lemon juice or baking soda to the alginate solution and the red cabbage juice indicator will change colors and you can make different colored "worms".

Concepts and Processes

scientific method - hypothesis, investigation, control, variable, models, solutions -

solubility, use of pipets, pH indicators, acid-base reaction, states of matter, gel

Recommended for ages 5 and up with adult supervision.

Contains: 1 liter of color changing sodium alginate solution ("Algy"), 25 grams calcium chloride ("Calcy"), 5 cups, 5 forks, 5 droppers, small scoop, plastic tub, MSDS, standards, teacher notes, and laminated instructions.

Alginate Worm Connection Kit

#2125      $20.00

1 liter of color changing sodium alginate solution ("Algy")

"Algy" Solution    #2127     $10.00

25 grams calcium chloride ("Calcy")

"Calcy"     #2128     $2.50

100 grams of sodium alginate powder. 

Note: this is very hard to dissolve, instructions included.    Use with Red Cabbage Jiffy Juice to make  color changing "Algy"

Sodium Alginate     #2130      $12.00