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We make the Colorama Experiment Kit

See spectacular spectrum and analyze light. Make glow in the dark stuff and learn about the real quantum leap. Use liquid crystals to see who is hot and who's cool. And paint with metamorphic molecules and have fun with photons.

spectrum, transmitted, aborbs, spectroscope, diffraction, interference, phosphorescence, photons, quanta, excited and ground state, thermochromic, leuco dyes, liquid crystals states, states of matter, photochromic, reversible photochemical reaction, ultra-violet light detector, sun screens, observation, analyze, measurement, control of variables

Contains phosphorescent zinc sulfide, photochromic paint, paint brush, heat sensitive periodic table, Rainbow Glasses (TM), colored filters, liquid crystals, rubber band, small scoop, cups, MSDS and instructions.

The Class Room Size are packed in a plastic shoe-box and contain 5 times the quantity as the individual size. They include student instructions that may be copied for classroom use.

Recommended for ages 8 and up with adult supervision.

Colorama Experiment Kit

#2500   $12.00 

Colorama Experiment Kit Class Size  

#2500-CS   $60.00