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We make the Goofy Glowing Gel Experiment Kit

Make a strange and goofy gel that is like "Gak" and "Silly Putty". Make a Slimey Ooze. Make it glow in the dark. Do the Eco-Foam Fizzle. Learn about the chemistry behind polymers, cross-linking gels, phosphorescence and the quantum leap.

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Concepts and Processes

states of matter, gels, phosphorescence, quantum, monomers, polymers, synthesize, non-Newtonian fluids, biodegradeable, observation, models

Contains borax solution (1 oz), guar gum (5 g), luminescent zinc sulfide (5 g), white glue, baggies, stirrers, spoon, cups, eco-foam, MSDS and instructions.

The Class Room Size are packed in a plastic shoe-box and contain 5 times the quantity as the individual size. They include student instructions that may be copied for classroom use.

Recommended for ages 9 and up with adult supervision.

Goofy Glowing Gel Experiment Kit
#1900      $10.00

Goofy Glowing Gel Experiment Kit
Class Size

#1900-CS     $50.00