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Jiggle Gels

Explore properties of polymers

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Kids and Chemistry Kits



Contains 1 liter 4 % polyvinyl alcohol solution, 0.25 liters 4 % borax solution, pipet, stirrer, cups zip bag, MSDS and instructions.

Makes terrific "slime". Add food coloring or acid-base indicators to make colored "slime".

Polyvinyl Alcohol Slime Kit

#1950     $16.00



Do the "Thirsty Dinosaur" activity and learn about omosis.

20 assorted Gro-Beasts

#6012  $10.00

Pack of 16 six inch "Chemistry Rules" rulers.

#6011  $8.00

Do the "Magic Super Slurper Trick"

and learn about omosis, gels and polymers.

500 grams Super Water Absorber

(sodium polyacrylate)

#1652  $20.00