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We make the Cool Blue Light Experiment Kit

Make a cool blue light appear in the dark. Make a "dirty" penny glow. Learn about how fire flies glow, chemiluminescence, and the real quantum leap.

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Concepts and Processes

light from chemical reactions, luminescence, chemistry of luminol, oxidizers, quantum, photon, excited states, fireflies, manipulation of the pipet, measure, observation, dilution and control of variables.

Contains luminol mixture (5g), perborate mixture (5 g), copper sulfate (2 g), pipet, stirrers, scoop, spoon, cups, MSDS and instructions.

The Class Room Size are packed in a plastic shoe-box and contain 5 times the quantity as the individual size. They include student instructions that may be copied for classroom use.

Recommended for ages 10 and up with adult supervision.


Cool Blue Light Experiment Kit
#2000     $10.00

Cool Blue Light Experiment Kit
Class Size

#2000-CS     $50.00