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We make the Presto! Clock Reaction Kit

Make 2 chemical solutions and mix them together. Wait a few seconds, then wow! It will suddenly change colors. This is the famous iodine clock reaction in an easy to use kit. Change the concentrations or temperature and the time for the color to appear changes. Do the clock reaction with Eco-foam. Learn about solutions and rates of reaction (kinetics).

Concepts and Processes

solutions, rates of reaction (kinetics), oxidation states of iodine, concentration, dilution, starch test, measuring, controlling variables, reversible, models

Contains sodium iodate, sodium sulfite, citric acid, sodium thiosulfate, starch solution, eco-foam, stirrers, spoon, cups, rack and instructions.

The Class Room Size are packed in a plastic shoe-box and contain 5 times the quantity as the individual size. They include student instructions that may be copied for classroom use.

Recommended for ages 10 and up with adult supervision.

Note: warning for those allergic to sulfites.

Presto! Clock Reaction Kit

#2200    $10.00

Presto! Clock Reaction Kit Class Size   

#2200-CS   $50.00